Save your Investment, Hire Advisors

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As we heard from Mr. Trump once – do what you do best and hire professionals for everything else.
Mr. Trump was talking about personal finance, however this is true with any investment. If you have realized that you need to outsource some functions for some reasons, there is no reason just to jump on to conclude with whatever vendor you found and whatever model you have been suggested.
You made the decision to outsource, now it’s time to hire an Outsource Advisory firm to look into different aspect of your outsourcing needs. You need to get your requirement cleared, list the vendors name based on your industry and company culture. You may also need someone to negotiate the contract to ensure you get best out of the deal. Here are top ten areas where your Outsourcing Advisory team can save your investment –
  1. Save research time and get the deal faster
  2. Creating accurate and relevant RFP
  3. Selecting right Vendor
  4. Help negotiate SLAs and reporting methods
  5. Find vendor with innovative methods and mature operational model
  6. Help developed expansion plan without going through larger contract change methods
  7. Knowledge of vendors and their unique service strategy
  8. Transition and Governance preparedness
  9. Help draft termination clauses, security violation etc
  10. Help you get out through in-source or transition to other vendor if things go wrong.

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